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Refer people to use Phyx.

Earn $$ for every referral. 

Open to real estate agents  in Australia.

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Refer home buyers

& home owners 

Get cash rewards

Referring home buyers and home owners (landlords) to sign up and use the Phyx mobile app is a great way to make extra money when you're in between home opens.

Who can participate?

Real estate agents, property managers, property consultants, 

How referral works

1. Invite

Invite homeowners, landlords and new home buyers to download the free Phyx app.

2. Signup

Get invitees to signup using your referral code. (To get your referral code, click here.)


Sign up on behalf of a homeowner, landlord or new home buyer as a part of your value-added service. Then remind them to verify their email address when we send them a welcome email. 

3. Earn cash per invitee

Earn a reward of $5 per user when the user stores his/her first item.




If you registered and stored the first item on the user's behalf, you will receive a $5 reward when they verify their email.  

Home owners

will thank you

Home owners or landlords rely on real estate agents or property managers like you to rent out and manage their apartments and houses. 

Take it to the next level. Store the appliances for each of their properties using Phyx so if the tenant breaks something, they will have all the information they need at their fingertips. 

Home buyers

will love you

Buying a new home is the most exciting, yet exhausting time of one's life.


There's so much to deal with. From mortgage applications, renovations, installations, moving homes, shopping for furnishings, the list goes on.


Impress your new home buyer by handing them keys to their new nest and their very own Phyx account. Let them know you are a superb real estate agent by showing them that the appliances in their new home are already stored safely in the app. 

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