When you purchase a Brand X appliance, you automatically receive a two year Manufacturer’s Warranty covering parts and labour for servicing within New Zealand.

Brand X undertakes to:

Repair or, at its option, replace without cost to the owner either for material or labour any part of the Product, the serial number of which appears on the Product, which is found to be defective within TWO YEARS of the date of purchase.

This warranty DOES NOT cover;

A. Service calls to which are not related to any defect in the Product. The cost of a service call will be charged if the problem is not found to be a Product fault. For example:


  1. Correcting the installation of the product.

  2. Instructing you how to use the product.

  3. Replacing house fuses or correct house wiring or plumbing.

  4. Correcting fault(s) caused by the user.

  5. Noise or vibration that is considered normal, e.g. drain/fan sounds, regeneration noises or user warning beeps.

  6. Correcting damage caused by pests, e.g. rats, cockroaches etc.


B. Defects caused by factors other than:


  1. Normal domestic use or

  2. Use in accordance with the Product’s User Guide.


C. Defects to the Product caused by accident, neglect, misuse or Act of God.


D. The cost of repairs carried out by non-authorised repairers or the cost of correcting such unauthorised repairs.


E. Normal recommended maintenance as set out in the Product’s User Guide.


F. Repairs when the appliance has been dismantled, repaired or serviced by other than a Brand X trained and support service technician or the selling dealer.


G. Pick-up and delivery.


H. Transportation or travelling costs involved in the repair when the product is installed outside the AUTHORISED CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE’S normal service area.


Service under this manufacturer’s warranty must be provided by a Brand X trained and supported service technician. Such service shall be provided during normal business hours. This warranty certificate should be shown when making any claim.


This Warranty is an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights.

Updated 27 March 2019