Speeds up your warranty

& insurance claims. 

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Home inventory management app. Digital safe for all your stuff.  Try free app now.

Fun and easy to use. Store your stuff in 1-2-3!

1. Scan

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2. Snap

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3. Save

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With Phyx, you'll be able to do this ...

... and much more. Download Phyx and discover what else you can do with our nifty app.


Store and track

receipts & warranties


Register your


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Contact aftersales



Set warranty


Keep your stuff safe. Get Phyx now.

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Need more reasons

Never have to worry about losing another receipt or warranty. With Phyx, all your purchase information is stored securely in the cloud.

Phyx saves you time and hassle by giving you access to all your purchase and support information anytime and anywhere.

Go paperless! Using Phyx to register your purchases helps us push for fewer printed materials. Let's save the trees and save the earth together.

Phyx is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Get it now!

For Peace of Mind

Save Time, Hassle

Save the Earth

& Distributors

Looking for new ways to delight your customers and give you an edge over your competitors? Find out how Phyx can benefit your business. 

& Insurers

Did you know that Phyx can enhance your customer onboarding process? Contact us to activate additional functionality within the app.